What will supermentors gain?


As a Supermentor, you will be joining a community of top mentors and leaders from around the country. You will have a unique opportunity to share your experiences and learn from other mentors.



This leadership role will provide ample opportunities for building organization and communication skills. Supermentors will gain access to Mentor Collective's growing network of advisors, and it will also serve as a strong addition to one’s resume, demonstrating commitment to mentorship.


The Mentor Collective will be happy to share a letter of recommendation for you or help connect you to a mentor of your own, should you need one down the line.

What do Supermentors do?

This is a 4-month role and will take between 4-6 hours per month. If you are selected, you will have three types of responsibilities.

1. Serve as a Leader

  • Organize meet-ups with your school’s mentors (in person or virtually) to cultivate your school’s Mentor Collective community

  • Connect with the global Mentor Collective community on social media/webinars to provide advice and support to other mentors

  • Support mentors in achieving successful mentoring outcomes

2. Recruit New Mentors

  • Share your mentor experience to other young alumni on social media or word of mouth

  • Create a short video or article sharing why you chose to be a mentor

  • Help Mentor Collective connect to clubs and groups from your alma mater

3. Improve the Mentor Collective Program

  • Share perspective on key issues/questions about mentorship

  • Participate in focus groups to give feedback on new features

...So what are you waiting for?