This is a question that can be challenging, even to a Ph.D. in Political Science! To help you tackle this topic, you can use these resources for answering your mentee’s questions (and maybe you’ll learn something new, too!).

If your mentee expresses fear or anxiety related to the election or US politics in general, it’s a good idea to…

  1. Acknowledge how your mentee is feeling, and be a compassionate listener.

  2. Remind your mentee that they have a support network on campus and beyond that cares deeply about them. Encourage them to tap into all parts of that network, from international advisors to mental health services.

  3. Headlines, misinformation or incomplete information can lead to greater anxiety. Consider talking more with your mentee about the facts of the American political process (for example, political party shifts are a normal part of American history and that the government’s power is rooted in a complex system of checks and balances)

As always, if your mentee has concerns about their visa status or how the visa process works, be sure to refer them to the International Student Advisor or Office at your school. They’re most equipped to answer your mentee’s specific questions.

Check out these videos, activities, and other resources to guide your conversation with your mentee.



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