Mentorship Phases


Phase 1: Goals


You and your mentee are getting to know each other and setting the goals for your mentorship.

Ask your mentee which of the conversation guides on they want to cover before their first day.

Consider adding each other on social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) to get to know each other better between sessions.


Phase 2: Guide


Your mentee has started school and their schedule just got really busy, but you are still meeting at least once per month.

This is a great time to make use of the "Choose-Your-Own" conversation guide. Schedule a virtual lunch together, share personal stories, check-in on your mentee's progress towards their goals. 


Phase 3: Grow


It's mid-way through the year and your mentee is feeling more independent and your sessions may be less frequent. You're doing great!

Don't let your mentee lose sight of the goals you set together in the beginning of the year. Continue checking in with your mentee occasionally via email, text or social media.




Phase 4: Goodbye


It's time for you and your mentee to celebrate all the awesome accomplishments you both made this year.

Make sure you check out the "Last Mentor Session" conversation guide for helpful tips on key things you should cover in your final meeting.

Don't forget to complete your final conversation report so you can share your feedback with your school on how your mentorship went and any ideas ideas you have for the program next year.