Mentors Change Lives


Mentors Change Lives

Why join the Collective?

yOur mission

Ensure every student, regardless of background or means, has access to a caring mentor.

Your Leadership skills

Develop your management, communication, and intercultural skills.

Your Impact

Students with mentors graduate at higher rates, earning more in their careers and live healthier lives. Even better, 90% of them want to mentor the next generation.

For 5 consecutive years mentorship has had, and continues to have, a tremendous impact on my life. It is truly a gift to have someone I can talk to without the fear of being judged, who is not afraid to tell me how I could improve, who cares about my future, and shares their wisdom wholeheartedly. I did not hesitate to volunteer my time as a part of Mentor Collective, because I wish to give my mentees the gift of meaningful, careful listening and guidance.
— Andy Foster, Mentor

How Does it Work?

  1. Sign up to become a mentor!

  2. Get matched with 1 or more mentees based on shared background and interests.

  3. Get access to online resources to guide each conversation.

  4. Meet with your mentee at least once per month for one academic year.




Who are the Mentor Collective mentors?

  • MC mentors are the best and brightest student leaders and alumni from their school community. They apply or get nominated by faculty, and are entrusted with guiding the next generation of students at their schools. 

  • This distinguished group includes rising leaders, passionate young alumni,  non-profit leaders, startup CEOs, and PhDs.

Is there training?

  • Once accepted into the Mentor Collective, new mentors must attend an online training session and review online materials relevant to their school. 

How long does it take to get matched?

  • Matches are made on a rolling basis. We emphasize match quality over speed, so it may take at least a few weeks to find you a strong match.

My school or alma mater does not have a Mentor Collective. Can I still get involved?

  • Yes, we accept applications from unaffiliated mentors, who are sometimes matched with mentees at programs in need of additional mentors. 

Are mentors paid?

  • All mentors participate on a volunteer basis. 

  • As a rare exception, MC may provide a small stipend to experienced mentors who are supporting more than 5 mentees at one time.